Snail mail gets a bad rap sometimes. It’s understandable if all you get is junk mail and bills. But, how do you feel when you get something that is fun, thoughtful, and purposeful? You have to admit that getting snail mail is still something that makes us feel special. That’s why we love getting snail mail.

Reasons for Sending Snail Mail

There are many reasons for sending someone a piece of mail. There just are times when it makes sense. Moreover, it doesn’t take a lot of time and it makes the recipient feel good. The top ten reasons to send snail mail are as follows:

  1. Birthday
  2. Get Well
  3. Sympathy
  4. Thinking of You/Just Because
  5. Anniversary
  6. Christmas
  7. Easter
  8. Congratulations
  9. Thank You
  10. Sorry

I’ll give you one guess at what is the number one way of sending some one a piece of mail for any of these reasons above. You guessed it….a greeting card!

Of course, you can send an eCard just as easy as sending a piece of snail mail, but there seems to be more satisfaction sitting down and composing your own message. You get as much joy in being the sender as you know the recipient will feel. I know from personal experience that snail mail is the way to go!

Why Does Receiving Snail Mail Make You Happy

Getting snail mail means someone took the time to think of you and remember an occasion that is important to you. There is just the thrill of seeing a handwritten envelope with your name on it. Bills and junk mail come with ominous windows or labels. There is no thoughtful that goes into that kind of mail. A handwritten envelope gives you the feeling of happiness, if even for a moment.

Plus, snail mail, like a greeting card, can be kept forever. It can be displayed for all to see and then kept in a box to be cherished. The same goes for a letter or even a small trinket. These items can instantly become a favorite treasure.

While the world relies on technology and people talk about snail mail becoming extinct, I beg to differ! As long as people have addresses, the postal service will still deliver mail. Why not send someone a greeting card today. See for yourself how it makes you feel happy. Just think how the recipient will feel, too, when they are surprised and touched by your thoughtfulness.

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