How to Customize Greeting Cards

Handmade Greeting Card Factory makes it easy to customize greeting cards for any occasion. I will walk you through the steps below to make customizing easy and getting the results you are looking for a breeze. Ready to personalize your next greeting card? Here’s how to do it.

Customize Handmade Greeting Card

Choose Your Occasion

With you in total control over the customization process, we can work together to make a greeting card for any occasion. Choose a holiday, special life event, or think outside of the box. Do your family or friends like to celebrate lesser known holidays, such as National Hot Dog Day or Take Your Daughter to Work Day? We can personalize a card just right. Please keep in mind that greeting card requests must be kept clean. I will not customize off-beat cards.

Who is Receiving Your Card

The next step is to let me know who is receiving your card. I can add a person’s name to the front of the card. I can even add a company name or other organization. Alternatively, the inside message of your card can include an individual’s name or company name. We’ll talk about this in detail. Some examples include:

Outside of Card

*Happy Birthday Mary Jo!
*Happy Anniversary to the Best Couple Ever – Todd & Samantha

Inside of Card

*Linda, may all your dreams come true on this very special day.
*Frank, you have made my life complete. I will cherish you always.

Choose Your Card Colors

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a color palette for a card. It can be traditional pairings, such as black/white, pink/red. Or, you may have some quirky color combinations in mind. Because this is your design, we’ll work together to make your vision a reality.

Stylize Your Greeting Card

Adding flair to a greeting card is fun! I have multiple backgrounds that can be solid or embossed. Embossed backgrounds mean there is an added dimension to the card to make it look and feel 3D. Embossed elements can be clouds, flowers, mountains, words/phrases.

Perhaps your background choice will include polka dots, flowers, greenery, etc. I will go over what options I have in stock. If I don’t have what you are looking for, I can certainly order it.

Customization Cost

I bet the big question on your mind is how much customization will cost. There is no set number, as it depends on card size, number of revisions, and other factors. The average cost is roughly $10 per card. The cost can go down depending on bulk orders. We will discuss cost before one design is made, so you feel comfortable knowing this information in advance.


I have devised a checklist to help you start thinking about a customized card design. Again, this doesn’t have to be your order set in stone. It is just to get the juices flowing before we get started. Download the checklist by clicking here.

I truly want to make customizing a greeting card fun for you! And most importantly, I want you to be satisfied with your final product. I realize that if you are wanting to make a customized card, it means something special to you. You want the recipient to be amazed and feel special. That is the goal when working with you on your next greeting card. Let’s talk today. Contact me here on the website or email me at

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