Why Buy Handmade Greeting Cards

This blog is all about why you should consider buying handmade greeting cards. Be unique and have fun choosing the card that best fits your needs.

I am so happy to be writing my first blog for Handmade Greeting Card Factory. It has long been a dream of mine to create cards and share them with whomever would give them a look. This blog is all about why you should consider buying handmade greeting cards.

Uniqueness is Evident

There really is nothing wrong with buying mass-produced greeting cards. Heck, I’ve done that myself my whole life. There is a variety out there for sure. But, when you live in a certain area where the whole town shops (I’m thinking of some big-box stores), it’s bound to happen that you buy the same card as someone else who is giving it to the same person. Buying handmade means you are giving a card that is quite unique. Chances of someone giving the same card as you as slim to none. And, you can find cards that truly suit your personality.

A Work of Art from the Heart

Dress You Up in My Love Greeting Card

Buying handmade greeting cards means you are buying a work of art. The thing to remember is that there is someone making these types of cards who is taking pride in the work at hand. This means each card is a work of art. Something to be cherished by the recipient. Mass-produced greeting cards are run through a machine by the thousands. I will say some of today’s mass-produced cards have a homemade feel, but they are still being shelled out in high numbers. When you buy handmade, you are buying a real work of art. That is something to take into consideration when looking for that perfect card that really speaks your language. And, many “artists” will customize your look and feel to make that one-and-only card you need. Check out my Customization page to start on your one-of-a-kind journey.

Support Small Business

Another thing I want to point out is there is a big push these days to support small businesses. That’s what I am…a small business. There are many reasons to support Handmade Greeting Card Factory, as well as others. The main reason that comes to mind is that when someone, like me, enters into a small business it is because there is a passion there to bring something to your community that is unique. A person opens a small business to do something they enjoy and making a living out of this passion. I am an artist who likes to create handmade greeting cards. It is a passion of mine. I want to share that gift with you. I may be tooting my own horn a bit, but why would I create unique, artful cards if I didn’t think they were worth a look from you. So, I urge you to visit the Handmade Greeting Card Factory shop to see if there is something that speaks to you! Support small business. We are the backbone of America!

There you have it. These are some of the main reasons to buy handmade greeting cards. Quite compelling…right? I hope you will consider buying your next greeting card from me.

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